alicemorgnsokAY OKAYSO HERE IS WHERE IT GETS SUPER GROSS EVEN IF WE IT SHOULDN'Twe have been friends for 5+ years?? oh god or is it more almost 6 or 7 i think?? in septemberyou are probably the longest friend i have actually had in my life and undoubtably my best friendwe went from online friends to in real life friends last year and next year we will see each other again for almost an entire mONTHwe are going to see j2 together and complete the dream we have always hadi don't even know what to sAY TO YOUwe have been through so much together it's terribleGOOD AND BAD YOU ARE ALWAYS THEREwe are going to be life long best friends i hope you know thatit's going to be horrible because we are going to keep buying each other things when we have no moneywhen we live together we are going to be sO BROKE ALL OF THE TIMEwe are so dumb around each other too i mean the only time we fight is about who is right and wrongwe are going to be that gross married best friends who are on the news one day for admitting having killed people for yearsi am forever the dean to your sam and the american verison of youhow gROSS IS THATin short i seriously don't probably deserve a friend as amazing as you who as stuck around me for years and we always manage to talkevery single day basically no matter what and we share everything with each otherit makes me want to punch you i thinkfor being such an amazing person all of the time without even seeing it for yourselfyou are my badass serial killing best friendwe bonded over dalaric so many years ago and we have come so farhappy badass day you are one year closer to fading away into the void of nothing that is being oldi hope i did your favorite character's justice in gifs even if i am terrible at themYOU WOULD PROBABLY STILL LOVE ME IF I MADE SHITTY GIFSACTUALLY I KNOW YOU WOULD
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